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KIS-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 10/09/17

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:24 pm    Post subject: KIS-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 10/09/17 Reply with quote

My apologies to all.   Yes, I have my military reasons  but I should not have used our KIS forum to express them.  Thank you.

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, KIS-List Digest Server <kis-list(at) (kis-list(at)> wrote:

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     1. 07:06 PM - Re: Fw: National Boycott of the NFL  (Randy Ott)

________________________________  Message 1  _____________________________________

Time: 07:06:38 PM PST US
From: Randy Ott <[url=javascript:;][/url]>
Subject: Re: Fwd: National Boycott of the NFL

Alright Guys enough is the politics and enough with
the insults.   he has not bee duped he has an opinion
that he holds for his own reasons.  This sight however , is not for
politics and the introduction of such is going got lead to its demise!
I just sold N96BT to two gentlemen who love her.  they will
need this forum and all of your expertise!
so lets keep it together and all about KIS !
Hugs to the Left and right! lets go FLY !
Randy Ott

> On Oct 8, 2017, at 7:09 AM, Louis Amato <[url=javascript:;]louisa(at)[/url]> wrote:
> Joe has not only been duped by the alt right, he=99s also trying
to spread the infection.
> Leave this site alone!
> Lou Amato
> Sent from my iPad
> (239) 248 8632
> On Oct 8, 2017, at 9:33 AM, M Ketteing <[url=javascript:;]aeromomentum(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]aeromomentum(at)[/url]>> wrote:
>> I agree please keep politics off list and keep the list on topic.
>> Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
>> On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Galin Hernandez
>> <[url=javascript:;]galinhdz(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]galinhdz(at)[/url]>> wrote:
>> I am not interested, nor appreciate, this forum being used for any
politics. Unfortunately if this continues I will leave the forum and
email list.
>> On Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 11:02 PM, Peter Duran <[url=javascript:;]pfdwind(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]pfdwind(at)[/url]>> wrote:
>> ---------- Forwarded message ---------
>> From: Gordon Craig <[url=javascript:;]oldpilot0(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]oldpilot0(at)[/url]>>
>> Date: Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 5:47 AM
>> Subject: Fwd: National Boycott of the NFL
>> To: [url=javascript:;]bamey(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]bamey(at)[/url]> <[url=javascript:;]bamey(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]bamey(at)[/url]>>, Brian Briggerman <[url=javascript:;]blb7037(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]blb7037(at)[/url]>>, D Hartwell <[url=javascript:;]got_stairs(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]got_stairs(at)[/url]>>, Dan DeLano (RV Dan) <[url=javascript:;]rvdan(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]rvdan(at)[/url]>>, Dave McNeil <[url=javascript:;]dlm34077(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]dlm34077(at)[/url]>>, DAVID WELSH <[url=javascript:;]davesoars(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]davesoars(at)[/url]>>, Dewey Harnagel <[url=javascript:;]deweyh(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]deweyh(at)[/url]>>, diamondsknight <[url=javascript:;]diamondsknight(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]diamondsknight(at)[/url]>>, Don Albert <[url=javascript:;]dalbert1(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]dalbert1(at)[/url]>>, Gary Christensen <[url=javascript:;]garyc(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]garyc(at)[/url]>>, Gary Hertzler <[url=javascript:;]fgaryhertzler(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]fgaryhertzler(at)[/url]>>, [url=javascript:;]gmmmlm(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]gmmmlm(at)[/url]> <[url=javascript:;]gmmmlm(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]gmmmlm(at)[/url]>>, J Timm
<[url=javascript:;]jtimm(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]jtimm(at)[/url]>>, james walter
<[url=javascript:;]j_walter10(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]j_walter10(at)[/url]>>, Jeisenbeil
<[url=javascript:;]jeisenbeil(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]jeisenbeil(at)[/url]>>, Jen Woodhouse
<[url=javascript:;]thejenwoodhouse(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]thejenwoodhouse(at)[/url]>>, John
Grehl <[url=javascript:;]fisherman(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]fisherman(at)[/url]>>, Michael
Cycon <[url=javascript:;]mcycon(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]mcycon(at)[/url]>>, Peter Duran
<[url=javascript:;]pfdwind(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]pfdwind(at)[/url]>>, Philip M. Buckalew
<[url=javascript:;]philip(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]philip(at)[/url]>>, Rich Paladino
<[url=javascript:;]paladinorich(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]paladinorich(at)[/url]>>, Richard
Reuland <[url=javascript:;]rreuland(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]rreuland(at)[/url]>>, Ron Peters
<[url=javascript:;]rpeters(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]rpeters(at)[/url]>>, Ron smith
<[url=javascript:;]n566(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]n566(at)[/url]>>, Stephen Martin <[url=javascript:;]smartin952(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]smartin952(at)[/url]>>, Steve and Karen Brown <[url=javascript:;]n224gr(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]n224gr(at)[/url]>>, Tim Yoder <[url=javascript:;]ftyoder(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]ftyoder(at)[/url]>>, Todd Bristol <[url=javascript:;]djtoddb(at)[/url]
<mailto:[url=javascript:;]djtoddb(at)[/url]>>, Tom and Julie Dempsey
<[url=javascript:;]tomdempseyjr(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]tomdempseyjr(at)[/url]>>, Tony Eisenbeil
<[url=javascript:;]tonyeisenbeil(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]tonyeisenbeil(at)[/url]>>, Trent
Heidtke <[url=javascript:;]theidtke(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]theidtke(at)[/url]>>, Webster Thorn
<[url=javascript:;]thorn.webster(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]thorn.webster(at)[/url]>>
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: joe eisenbeil <[url=javascript:;]jeisenbeil(at)[/url]
>> Date: Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 1:59 PM
>> Subject: Fwd: National Boycott of the NFL
>> To: [url=javascript:;]ramahbernard(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]ramahbernard(at)[/url]>, London
Jack <[url=javascript:;]Razorjack1(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]Razorjack1(at)[/url]>>, Kirkpatrick Scott
<[url=javascript:;]hskirkpatrick(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]hskirkpatrick(at)[/url]>>, Charlie
Charlied <[url=javascript:;]charlesd0403(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]charlesd0403(at)[/url]>>, craig
gordon <[url=javascript:;]gordoncraig7(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]gordoncraig7(at)[/url]>>, eisenbeil
tony <[url=javascript:;]tonyeisenbeil(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]tonyeisenbeil(at)[/url]>>, haydon
james <[url=javascript:;]jwh77305(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]jwh77305(at)[/url]>>, Brown Portia
<[url=javascript:;]portiakbrown(at)[/url] <mailto:[url=javascript:;]portiakbrown(at)[/url]>>
>>>>>> Subject: National Boycott of the NFL
>>>>>> 421689345455347580m_-5641401998678444686WordSection1">
>>>>>> People are now calling for a complete National Boycott of the NFL
for Sunday November 12th, which is Veteran=99s Day Weekend. They
are calling for a boycott of all football telecast, all fans, all ticket
holders, stay away from attending any games, let them play to empty
stadiums. Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our
military, some of whom come home with the American Flag draped over
their coffin..There are plenty of ways, times and places to protest
concerning one=99s chosen cause, but to do so during a brief
special time set aside to honor our nation=99s flag and the
bravery and lives of our nation=99s military heroes, is
inappropriate and disrespectful.. Of course black lives matter, but so
do the precious lives of millions of US soldiers (of all races) who have
made the ultimate sacrifice to defend and protect our nation=99s
rights and freedoms.and who most certainly deserve all of our
respect. It=99s not about Trump, its about all those who bravely
and unselfishly serve and who have served our nation. The Star Spangled
Banner is presented to honor all of them.=9D

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          -Matt Dralle, List Admin.

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