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symmetrical panel and backup

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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 3:18 am    Post subject: symmetrical panel and backup Reply with quote

Venturi icing when, not if; For those not buying that possibility given
the lack of a venturi, think insects in the pitot.

Normally one would know of any blockage at takeoff, as I did 2 flight
ago.  However a few years ago I had sporadic problem with 'something'
that would cause my AP to disco because of stall speed detection
(??!!).  Finally I had a simple clear cut 'no airspeed' indication while
in IMC.  I declared and landed at nearest airport.

What happened?  I had a dead bug or bugs in my always-on heated pitot. 
They weren't completely blocking things but when I ran thru some
moisture they would swell and block my airspeed.  Once in the dry, and
possibly due to the heat, the insect carcass mass would shrink and
operations would return to normal.

Conclusion; GPS speed is nice to have too.

Bill "still training to ALWAYS put the pitot cover on, even at home in
the hangar" Watson

On 5/30/2015 4:52 PM, Kelly McMullen wrote:

What you choose for backup may be dependent on whether your
pitot/static lines run to ADAHRS in rear of plane (dynon Skyview) or
if it is at the instrument panel. The GRT mini requires hook up to
those lines, and you get benefit of actual airspeed and altitude.
Dynon D1/D2 needs no hookup, but only gives you GPS derived ground
speed and GPS track and GPS altitude.

All better than nothing, but not quite as good as barometric and pitot
derived numbers.

Huge change in redundancy from when I was flying in non-radar areas
with venturi powered gyros and electric turn coordinator, with single
nav/com/ils and single ADF.
That gave some blood pressure rise when the venturis iced up.  Key
word is when, not if. Fortunately the old AN gyros would operate down
to less than 1" of vacuum, so you got warning when the vacuum started
trending below 4"
All with one alternator and one battery for electrons.
On 5/30/2015 8:39 AM, Rocketman1988 wrote:
> "... don't think I need the same level of redundancy in my RV-10, but
> I really do want something like the GRT mini..."
> Exactly.  I am current;y looking at an AFS EFIS with the GRT Mini
> backup.  Seems like a good compromise.  If the weather is so bad that
> I need triple redundant systems, then I will probably just delay a
> bit...or go on the airlines...
> Read this topic online here:

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