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Kolb-List Digest: 4 Msgs - 09/07/21

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:33 am    Post subject: Kolb-List Digest: 4 Msgs - 09/07/21 Reply with quote

My username is playonwater.
Forgot password but cant change it.

On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 2:40 AM Kolb-List Digest Server <kolb-list(at) (kolb-list(at)> wrote:


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Today's Message Index:

     1. 04:42 AM - Gyroscopic preccession?  (Richard Pike)
     2. 06:50 AM - Re: Gyroscopic preccession?  (John Hauck)
     3. 12:01 PM - Re: Rotax 503 DIDC Complete engine package  (chic)
     4. 06:34 PM - Re: Gyroscopic preccession?  (Richard Pike)

________________________________  Message 1  _____________________________________

Time: 04:42:26 AM PST US
Subject: Gyroscopic preccession?
From: "Richard Pike" <thegreybaron(at) (thegreybaron(at)>

Now that I finally have the 582 running properly with the 3.47:1 box and 72" 3
blade Ward Drive prop, I need to figure out how to deal with another oddity.

Back when I still had the 68" 2 blade Ivo, during takeoff roll in the MKIII raising
the tail during acceleration was a non event, you just raised the tail and
flew it off the ground.

Not any more. On several occasions, raising the tail causes the airplane to want
to yaw right and drop the left wing, and on a couple occasions the only way
to get it back under control was to chop the power.

Obviously I need to unlearn some old habits and learn some new ones.
Keep the tail on the ground until it gets up to x airspeed and there is enough
control authority to outmatch the gyroscopic precession?
keep the tail on the ground and wait until it just flies itself off? It certainly
feels like it has enough thrust to do this.
Go to a really big wide grass runway and carefully poke at it with a stick until
I figure it out?

Open to suggestions. John? You had a 3 blade 72" Warp on your MKIII; what say ye?

Richard Pike
Kolb MKIII N420P (420ldPoops)
Kingsport, TN 3TN0

Forgiving is tough, being forgiven is wonderful, and God's grace really is amazing.

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________________________________  Message 2  _____________________________________

Time: 06:50:30 AM PST US
From: John Hauck <jhauck36(at) (jhauck36(at)>
Subject: RE: Gyroscopic preccession?

Most MKIIIs with standard length gear legs sit level, or near level.  Homer Kolb
designed it this way primarily for low time pilots.  Helps prevent premature
takeoff, and it is more less apt to stall when slowing down to touch down and

The main gear on my MKIII was considerably longer and 6 or 8 inches further forward
than a standard built MKIII.  No matter.  My MKIII or a standard built one,
I normally made my take offs without raising the tail wheel.  The excessive
wing incidence didn't have a problem flying off the ground in the standard 3
point attitude.

More power means more nose down thrust from the high, pusher thrust line.  Bigger
props mean more thrust.

If it was me, I'd fly it off in its 3 point attitude.  Keep playing with it to
see what the aircraft wants to do.

Muscle memory is very powerful without realizing it.  When I swapped from an 80
to a 100 hp Rotax, I couldn't get the MKIII to break ground at WOT my first takeoff.
Quickly realized what was happening, came back on the power a bit, and
she popped right off.  Caught me by surprise.  After the first takeoff I naturally
compensated for the change in additional thrust.

john h
Titus, AL


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