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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 10:52 pm    Post subject: Dynamic Reply with quote

Hi All,
When I first started to research a glass kit plane I
found the Dynamic and I too was drawn by its good
looks and simple design.

My close friend is hails from ints country of origin
(I am using this term because I can't bloodywell
remember how to spell what was 'Czhecoslovakia').
His family still live there, he has an aviation
background, has conducted aviation related business
there and travels back there regularly.

Of course I asked him for his opinion on the aircraft
and though he had no direct knowledge of it or the
manufacturer he admitted that the specs sure read well
after doing his own research.

I stress that this is no reflection on the Dynamic's
manufacturer but irrespective of the specs he strongly
discouraged me from entering into ordering from his
'countrymen'. I think Buz alluded to matters such as
shipping costs and distances, and also on this list
matters of communication/language glitches have been
referred to when dealing with Europe. At least with my
American friends I can understand their English (most
of the time at least!).

This is in addition to the interesting mindset of
manufacturers and entrepreuners there who are still
torn between old Eastern European production attitudes
and the the glitz of western marketing, sometimes
without being able to marry the two very well
understandably. The outcome is sometimes not a happy
customer and one who is badly frustrated while
attempting to sort out matters.

Just my two cents worth.

--- N1BZRich(at) wrote:

I just turned on the computer (been working on the
chapter Zodiac XL all
day) and read the recent comments on more seat room
and auto pilots. The auto
pilot question is easy. I have a TruTrak with
pitch, roll, and altitude hold
in my airplane. I love it. It will track a
heading or a GPS flight plan and
hold altitude. It was easy to install and hook up.
My Esqual LS (Lightning
Stuff) has many Lightning mods - including a
Lightning central beam assembly.
The central beam assembly, in addition to the wing
spars, also has the
pitch and roll controls attached to it. That makes
the auto pilot servos hook up
pretty straight forward. Pete, Ben, Nick or Lamont
(and probably Mark by
now) will all know how it is done. I have sent
photos of my servo installation
to Dennis (down under) and John (Trade-A-Plane
country). Can send photos
to you as well when you get to that point of your
As to the center console, you can not do away
with it. It has the
elevator control rod running through it as well as
the flap motor in that area.
However, you may be able to make it a little
thinner. Also, this afternoon I
looked at Charlie Keith's new Lightning kit (it was
delivered for Christmas)
and it has the new molded seat pans which should
give you more "seat" room.
The seats on the Lightning are completely different
from the stock Esqual.
That is just one of the many things that is so much
better on the Lightning
design. The Esqual had a double molded seat pan -
meaning both seats are
individually molded into one wide assembly. (It is
hard to get it in and out
because of the its size.) Since I had flown the
original hybrid Lightning
several times (Esqual fuselage with Lightning wings)
I knew this was one area I
wanted to change on my airplane. I am also 6'2" and
about 215 lbs. When you
first get in the seats feel very comfortable -
molded to your butt. However
after an hour or so, I was getting "hot spots" on
both hips. So when I was
building my Esqual seats, I put in a "wide butt" mod
that pushed out the seat
pans on both sides in these areas. It helped a
lot. I think you could do
something similar with the new Lightning seat pans,
but you may not have to
since they look wider than the original flat seat
bottom design. I would suggest
visiting SYI after the guys get the new Lightning
demonstrator completed and
see how those seats feel. Of course get a flight
in it as well.
Some of the other mods I did to my airplane was
to install larger main
gear wheels and tires, installed the Lighting gear
leg fairings and wheel
pants, and to install a modified Lightning cowling.
The Lightnings use the same
main wheel and tire set up. When I first started
flying my airplane with no
wheel pants and no gear leg fairings, the max speed
was 165 TAS mph at full
throttle at 5000 feet. Then with the Lightning
gear leg fairings only, the
5000' true airspeed was 175 MPH. The airplane
also picked up about 100 RPM
showing that the engine didn't have to work as
hard with the gear leg
fairings on. Next I put the Lightning wheel pants
on and the rpm increased again,
this time to just over red line, to 3350, so I had
to pull the power back.
Now, running with slightly reduced power to hold
the engine to 3300 rpm at
5000', the true airspeed was 188 mph. Call it 185
to 188 as it was bouncing
around a little. So you see, the Lightning
fairings, wheel pants, and cowling
are very effective. I think the current Lightning
prototype is only a few
mph faster than 31BZ, but remember it is a heaver
prototype without the "whiz
bang" slick finish. Production models will
probably be 10 mph or so faster on
top end. I think Brian's goal of 200 mph is
certainly achievable.
As to the Dynamic WT9, the Czechs make some good
airplanes. However,
you will be paying extra to get it shipped here, you
will pay more for the
airplane, and you will not have the Jabiru engine.
All negatives in my book.
Your mileage may vary.
Blue Skies,

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