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[] Rhodesian Independence 1965 (UDI) remembering

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:58 pm    Post subject: [] Rhodesian Independence 1965 (UDI) remembering Reply with quote

Well said, Nico.

Neal GeorgeSent from my iPhone
On Nov 11, 2015, at 3:38 PM, Nico hMail <nico(at) (nico(at)> wrote:
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Remembering 11th November 1965 when Ian Smith declared unilateral independence for Rhodesia and introduced the golden years in that country's entire history. It had a budget surplus, economic growth surpassing almost all the countries of the world, low unemployment still not seen in the world, no racial segregation, a capitalist economy, and liberty for all.
The socialist West, communist East, and communist Africa -- all in cahoots to not tolerate a smidgen of capitalism and liberty succeeding anywhere in the world -- pounced on Smith, forcing Mugabe and a brutal communist regime onto the people, knowing that thousands of Rhodesians would be slaughtered, but that was a fair price to pay to prevent capitalism and liberty from taking hold.
Rhodesia was pushed over the cliff of racism and totalitarian rule crashing onto the rocks below with huge loss of life, liberty and property. It was like anywhere else where communism engulfed people: the very people it claims to rush to the rescue for, are the very people it kills first. It's like the gay-marriage hoax, the global climate-change hoax, the GMO hoax, and other hoaxes that have so successfully paved the way for communism.
The West's cuddly relationship with socialism's chickens are soaring home to roost. Islam, the grand-daddy of all totalitarian regimes, is walking into their homes, their parliaments and their churches against which they are totally defenseless because Islam uses the exact same language-keys they used to embrace socialism. To resist Islam requires a mind-shift of epic proportions and an abandonment of all their idol-gods that they believed were the source of their peace and righteousness against capitalism and liberty.
How our cries of warning of the depravity of socialism, which fell on defiant ears, now echo in horror in them when they see their daughters consumed by legalized rape, torture and sex-slavery, their wives draped in burkahs, beaten should they resist Shariah Law.
It would have been easy to yell at them "we told you so" if it were not so brutally bloody and sad to people who grew up on the luring fruit of socialism.
It would have been easy to refer them to the tragedy of Rhodesia and Ian Smith in 1965 if it would serve any purpose. Communism, obeying its DNA, will run its cause until it has had its fill on innocent blood, as it has done over and over again in the previous century. Almost 100 years ago the slaughter of innocents started for that century, just as it has today for this century.
Will this also last 80 years costing more than 100 million innocent lives of people who merely desired to be free and independent?

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