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MurphyMoose-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 07/21/16

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:07 am    Post subject: MurphyMoose-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 07/21/16 Reply with quote

Yes there are interference, the push rod that move the ailerons goes through a hole in the aft spar of the wing, this hole is to small, it need to be elongated at the bottom to allow full operation of the ailerons when the flaps are down. If the hole is not enlarged, when the flaps are down the ailerons also come down and the rod enter in contact with the spar and limit the aileron downward movement.

Other than that you will have to make new hole to attach the ailerons pushrods, inside the airplane and outside on the horns, this to obtain more rotation on the aileron torque tube with the same input on the control stick. Some peoples have modified their control stick pivot to get more input motion on the aileron cable, I choose to drill new holes to attach the push rods, simpler and I get the final rotation I need. The ailerons are not heavy on the moose as some peoples have said, I think that that heaviness that they have felt must be from over torquing the ailerons mounting bolts, I have done it and the result is that the stainless bushings inside the brass bearing is swelling and cause a friction, this can happen 4 places X 2 , 3 ailerons bushing and the torque tube bushing inside each wing.

For the flaps 39 degrees, it is the same the cable attach point on the top of the airplane where it pull on the horn need to be move at a lower point so with the same input on your flap lever you will get the right 39 degrees of deflection. It work well 13,26,39. degrees. This make your flaps feel heavier but not much. Just make sure your lever mechanism is working freely and the locking bolt enter the notches freely, I had to do some filing there so it work well.

Good luck

Sylvain April

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1. 06:28 PM - Moose flaps (jgoodwin)

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Time: 06:28:20 PM PST US
Subject: Moose flaps
From: "jgoodwin" <goody989(at)>

My build manual states flap travel of 39 degrees. Not even close; regardless of
reflex, 27 to 32 is all I get. Has anyone else found interference with the flap
retract horns and the bulkhead/doorposts? (This interference does not affect
the travel.)
Unrelated; my exhaust is at least 5 inches too short to clear the lower cowling...

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