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real wood of choose and buy

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:22 pm    Post subject: real wood of choose and buy Reply with quote

The deepness cent that real wood floor machines by the surface is two kinds. One kind is Qi Ban, namely the surface of wooden floor had besmeared paint, ; is used after OK and direct installation another kind is element board, namely the surface of wooden floor did not undertake drenching lacquer is handled, the burnish, ability after brushing paint must be passed to use after laid.

The sort of real wood floor and price fixed position divide a few kinds as follows: Hua Limu, Yun Xiangmu, teak the most expensive, of grade of cherry wood, Ju wood, maple, wood of northeast china ash, oak and southeast Asia miscellaneous wood more second.

Real wood floor has class of AA class, class A, B 3 grade. AA level quality is top, off color is least. Examine when real wood floor, range estimation does not have heart of eye of dead section, bug, oily eye, tree to wait for quality blemish, lively part should little at 3, the deepness of crackle and length must not be more than the 1/5 of ply and length, twill slope is less than 10% , without corrode a dot, graphical grain is suitable.

Real wood floor still should detect further its machine quality: Exterior treatment is smooth, without warpage, buccal tenon machines unified, complete, custom, without phenomenon of damage of Mao Bian, damage taste for qualification. Among them, should special detect the moisture content of lumber, the floor with high moisture content, installation hind is out of shape necessarily, moisture content of northern district floor board should is less than 10% , wuhan area should be in 12% the left and right sides, should not be otherwise use.

When floor of real wood of choose and buy, answer to be decided according to oneself actual condition. Should decide the wood that elects real wood floor board is planted in order to accord with the requirement of design style above all, those who be like color is deep with shallow, Mu Wen scanty with close; the economic capacity that is him basis next, in the fixed position on the price. After deciding above asks, should observe the angle square standard of wooden floor and standard of notch joining together carefully: two photograph of notch of real wood floor goes all out slip, the examination is slip fluent, board with board between joint whether level off.

When choosing real wood floor board, do not consider stand or fall with off color. Real wood floor is natural material, even if be the lumber on a tree, face of its exposed to the sun and shady side also have off color. Off color is the certain factor of natural material, it does not affect the quality of the floor, not certain also influence is beautiful.

In addition, also do not want to consider actor of low quality with the accident size of real wood floor when the choose and buy. Long board tall to select material requirement, loss is big, reason price is high, in construction process, have a bit do not be out of shape extremely easily very. And platelet overall material utilization factor is tall, low-cost, and not changeful form, economy is applicable.

Floor of wood of Yi every zoology is creed of green environmental protection person - 0 formaldehyde. The life that lets you is safe Shu Xin. Choose Ivan - be your health assure.
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