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PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 11:28 am    Post subject: List activity Reply with quote

I got my instruction and soloed in a PA-11, which is a J-3 variant w 100hp Continental. Not quite a Super-Cub. When it came time to flight test my Model II Kitfox, I read abs reread the operating manual, got in it and flew. I was younger then and it was probably a foolish thing to do but the Model II turned out to be a more forgiving airplane, easier to fly and land than the PA-11. The best tip I got was after a session at OSH on "test flying your homebuilt." Most of the discussion had been dominated by RV builders so I approached the presenter afterward, asked about the 582 powered Model II. To paraphrase his response: "It's a 'high performance' 65hp airplane. It will take off right now, turn and land on a dime. Be ready to fly." He was 100% on the money.
Marco Menezes N99KX
Model II, 582-90 w/ clutch
Hersey, MI

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On Mar 28, 2017, at 10:49 AM, <wa0ysf(at) (wa0ysf(at)> <wa0ysf(at) (wa0ysf(at)> wrote:

Good morning Kitfoxer’s
I have been monitoring and using this list since the early 90’s and used it a lot during the building of my Model 3 with 582 engine. So far I have about 1100 hours on the model 3 and find it the most enjoyable airplane to fly that I have ever been in. Good to hear that there are at least a couple of us in North Dakota too. I flew my Kitfox to all 89 state supported airports in North Dakota in 2015 and got my leather jacket as a result in the Passport Program sponsored by the state aeronautics commission. That was a real blast and I learned a lot about my Kitfox in the 57 hours and 2638 miles traveled. I think I am the only one to do that in a home built aircraft with a 2 cycle engine so far. I challenge you to do the same! I have two 582 engines and have rebuilt both of them so I always have a spare on hand, not that it is needed. It is probably the most reliable engine I have ever flown behind. Kitfox Tail wheel instructors are pretty scarce so if you find one, spread the word. I am happy to offer any advice I can and would be glad to give a demo flight to anyone. Young Eagles program is a blast in the Kitfox, the kids love it! I recently installed an Appero ESG ADS-B transponder and I use the Stratux ADS-B dual band receiver. Works great!

Harold McConnell
Kitfox 3 with 582
Cavalier, ND

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