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Glasair-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 10/25/17

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:51 am    Post subject: Glasair-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 10/25/17 Reply with quote

Some builders believe planes fly because of air going over the top of a wing. Research has discovered the vacuum caused by air passing over the top creates less than 5% of the lift. The only reason for having a smooth top surfaces is to prevent bubbling turbulence from getting under the wing. You should also have tight clearances between the ailerons, flaps, elevator and rudder. And I have caulk in most of the seams. I also tape the bottom control surface gaps to have smoother air. The actual reason planes fly is air deflecting off the bottom at a near right angle to the bottom of a wing. Planes actually hydroplane through the air displacing the aircrafts' weight in air molecules. Formula One's find dull leading edge racers to be faster than shiny..go figure When a Glasair is at cruise speed only the first third of the bottom of a wing is deflecting air. With that in mind one should be careful about changing engineered wing incidence. I added a half degree to my stabilizer to avoid having drag creating down trim. When at cruise I can look aft and see that my elevator is lined up. The more down trim the more drag.  If you fly a fixed trike, draw a center line on the hanger floor and use it to align the wheel pants. Wheel pants off centered by only a degree or so can slow you way down. My biggest increase in performance was getting rid of a lot of weight that cause the nose to lift turning the front of the lower cowling into a battering ram and by converting to a symmetrical prop followed by scraping the factory power robbing exhaust to a NASCAR mechanic designed one that he now sells. While in the subject of exhausts, ..don't install a straight out version on a Two because the swirling exhaust gases will deform the bottom wing panel cover. Just talked to a builder that drilled three holes in carbon with out using a dust mask and has had a cough for two years!!
Charles Raymond


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