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Something completely different...

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 5:33 am    Post subject: Something completely different... Reply with quote

Greetings Kolb-List. Sorry for breaking into the tail-wheel post strand, but I
was unsure what other avenue to use.
I fly a Loehle Sport Parasol and a Challenger II CWS but as I am interested in
switching to a Kolb aircraft, I joined this List to be better informed. I have learned
a great deal and have enjoyed the info and banter shared here.
I would like to share another love of mine-music-with you all. I enjoy writing
and recording songs and my latest effort is an album of songs related to flight
and space travel. I also enjoy creating videos and posting to my site on YouTube.
If you are interested you can search YouTube for "Miss Sunshine Walkaround",
which is a look at my Challenger, and my other videos will show up as well.
If you would like to hear my new songs on my Journey album, click on the
BandCamp link below. You will miss a lot of fidelity if you don't use ear buds
or a good wifi speaker, however.
Thanks for the good info on this site, the great videos that are shared and the
civil discourse (not found on some other sites!)
"Live long and prosper!"
Lanny Lambdin

Sent from my iPad

On Feb 18, 2018, at 2:31 AM, Bill Berle <victorbravo(at) (victorbravo(at)> wrote:
--> Kolb-List message posted by: Bill Berle <victorbravo(at) (victorbravo(at)>

posted by: "John Hauck" <jhauck(at) (jhauck(at)>

Bill B, you could have saved all that typing by asking how to secure the tail wheel strut to the tail post.

Well. my real question is whether it is acceptable to have it glued in, because this one sure looks like it is glued in. I can easily drill through it and put in a bolt, no biggie.

But since many people here have far more experience with these airplanes, I figured maybe I would like to know what the advantage/disadvantage is of glue versus bolt. Aluminum sure does NOT like to be glued.

In order to get the glued one out it appears that I would have to put a torch on it to heat it and melt the glue, which would melt the fabric off, etc. If it is acceptable to leave it glued then that is the easiest way. But maybe not the safest or lowest risk.[/url]

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