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Europa-List: Water pump removal « inaircraft » XS

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:15 am    Post subject: Europa-List: Water pump removal « inaircraft » XS Reply with quote

It is a laundry list of checks Im afraid:
  1. If you are seeing coolant on the duct it may be from
    1. The lowest bolt, the stainless one in the Rotax Maintenance Manual, on the water pump has to be properly inserted and sealed. If not there will be a tell tale drip.
    2. Coolant hoses can leak as corrosion around the soft aluminum nipple will push the hose, and then under pressure may flake off and leave a slight seep.
    3. The gasket on the water pump itself may be leaking.
    4. Of course it can be the swivel on the 1 inch housing on the pump or the 1 inch hose.
  2. The Water Pump is very difficult to service with the engine on. That is why I make my engines so easy to remove.
  3. You may also find you are having localized boiling if your CHT is running above 245F. The localize boiling will cause the cap (check your cap pressure release also) to vent into the tank, then it goes overboard.

All I can say is continue to look.

Best Regards,
Bud Yerly

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Subject: Water pump removal « inaircraft » XS

--> Europa-List message posted by: "JohnFrance" <77alembert(at)>

I have an intermittent coolant leak on my classic which has a XS firewall forward package.
Is it possible to remove the water pump from the engine while it is in situ on the aircraft?
In spite of doing pressure tests, running the aircraft with the cowlings off I have been on the unable to trace the origin of the leak, it does not leak cold with a pressure of 1,4 bars.
On some flights there is no discernible leak, on others I have lost up to 150 ml during a two hour flight.
There is a bit of a white deposit on the exhaust heat shield underneath the water pump. I have also found liquid on the aluminium plate above the radiators but the air passage through the radiators has always been dry.

I would rather be sure of where the leak is coming from prior to taking anything apart. Does anyone have some experience or knowledge they could share with me?


Europa mono Nr 192

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