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PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:29 am    Post subject: Advertising Reply with quote

If Lightning had Cirrus's advertising budget, we could
get the word out really well. I believe in the
Lightning even more than the Cirrus. I think the
factory should make a big poster board for display at
Sun n Fun comparing the Lightning spec for spec,
dollar for dollar with all other planes. Check out the
link on called "compare"- you will
see a chart of speeds with tiny planes on a trip from
Chicago to NY which shows how much faster Cirrus will
get you there. This is something the average Joes can
see and identify with. If this doesn't sell people on
the Lightning I don't know what will. Rememer, most
people that buy a Cirrus rarely use the back seats. I
think BRS should be a big part of the advertising
display of the Lightning. People walking by the
display at Sun n Fun need to see in big letters that
this plane can be ordered with a BRS system. Even a
huge pictue of a test plane with the chute deployed
floating down to earth should be a key part of the
display. Safety sells planes to people, especially to
new pilots! It is proven that this helps sell
aircraft. Just ask Cessna, who is feeling it from
--- EAFerguson(at) wrote:

Now that John's Lightning is flying, we have 7 in
the air by my count, and
several more close. Seven and a half counting Buz's

I suggest it's time to discuss Sun and Fun. Dates
are 17 to 23 April, so we
have some time to plan. The Shelbyville folks will
be there of course, with
the new demo and/or the protype. I know that Buz
will be there. Will John D.
and N155LT be ready by then? Are the folks from WV
going? I can go if there if
its worthwhile to the Marque.One or two days are
about all I can stand - but
it can be any two days. How about the others with
flying birds. I'd like to
hear from Pete and Nick on how we can help by being

Some suggestions. A formation
arrival/departure/demonstration flights. A
Lightning Corral. A social gathering or seminar(s)
with potential builders. A
group trip up to Fantasy of Flight, maybe we could
talk Kermit into letting us
land there. Now that would be cool. Pete, Nick, how
can we help with
publicity /awareness?

My 2c worth, anybody else got any suggestions?

Earl Ferguson

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