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SV: SV: Re: KIS IT-1 Aerodynamics - Julians mod

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:44 am    Post subject: SV: SV: Re: KIS IT-1 Aerodynamics - Julians mod Reply with quote


Yes, Julians was a tail dragger, and he was operating from what I would call
"STOL fields". He is now building a GlaStar, and he is not on this forum

I have encosed a picture I took of Julians plane in 2004 at Stauning,
I should have taken the photo from the rear, to show the fairing from that
In my understaning, the fairing can start with a small radius at the leading
endge, and should increase the radius toward the rear. Julian had what
looked like a constant radius.

But as Mark comment - and I also agree on - is that we want some warning of
"close to stall condition". Apparently Lancair have a bad stall-crach
record, and Lancair owners I know have installed AOA system with audible
warning. ("ear-shaker" instead of stick-shaker?)

Again, regards, Hans Christian

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Sendt: 6. juli 2010 00:52
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Emne: Re: SV: Re: KIS IT-1 Aerodynamics

Mark, 'OC' and all,

My gear dimensions are as follows;
Main gear axle center line to firewall is 42 1/8"
" " " " " " nose gear axle center line 53"

I would be interested to see your numbers.

In retrospect, I do have to watch and may have to increase stick pressure in
order to keep the nose gear off the runway. But I do have plenty of elevator
authority to do that.

Julian's plane was a tail dragger (conventional) I think. He was trying to
give it STOL qualities, an oxymoron I think. I forget what he built to
replace the KIS, I think it is a high wing with better STOL qualities.

Mark, I am in annual now, but I will try and report on your take off
procedure. That is if I don't stall, crash, and burn!

Also, maybe it would be helpful to confirm final approach and touch down
speeds from the GPS, if available, to confirm the accuracy of our different
pitot systems at slow speeds. I you are flying alone, it might be safest to
do this at altitude in a practice area.

'OC', maybe Mark and Rich are just better pilots than you and I because I
use your technique for more consistent landings.

Oh, Mark and 'OC' what was the thickness of your main gear shims? Are they
fiberglass or aluminum or???



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