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Grumman strength and anecdote.

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Joined: 15 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2006 12:47 pm    Post subject: Grumman strength and anecdote. Reply with quote

In a message dated 4/6/06 5:00:25 AM, bruce.smith(at) writes:
Slow day again, so I thought I'd ask. Gary, any amusing annuals lately?

Cliff is right regarding the Vne using IAS. I've never seen a report saying
otherwise. The Q, dynamic loads, are based on density, rho. I can't see
where using TAS makes any sense. But, what doi I know.

I isntalled a PlanePwer alternator in a customers plane. It's a very pretty
alternator. Looks very professional. My only comment is that the Field and
Ground wire terminals are VERY close to the baffle. Be very careful here.
I think it would be worth making a two connector quick disconnect for these.
That way, you could make sure the connectors are covered while working on it
on the bench. Just a thought.

I'm doing a FWF on a Cheetah. The firewall is now all white, white powder
coated engine mount, and red powder coated cabin heat Y thingy - battery box -
bracket for the shock absorbers (on the nose gear) - and all of the throttle
cable support hardware. The Oil Cooler hardware is all powder coated silver.
The baffles are POWDER COATED in gray wrinkle.

After I stripped the entire firewall and brackets, and engine mounts (on the
airframe) I painted the entire firewall in white Imron. Then, I went over
and detailed things like the cabin heat control (which I did in Black splatter
paint), the engine mounts (which I painted over with green zinc chromate - just
for looks), the shock bracket mounted on the fuselage (which I painted over
with silver) and a few otehr odds and ends. It's all white Imron under neath,
just looks like I did it all separately.

This plane also got a JPI with Fuel Flow.

You don't even want to know what the bill its....

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