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Power loss and Oshkosh

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:59 pm    Post subject: Power loss and Oshkosh Reply with quote

Camp at OSH, show up early and become a volunteer, it will make your OSH
experience 1000 times better.
Ship stuff to EAA that you can't carry. Many do this.
Big time sounds like induction leak, one that gets worse with heat, so crack
is expanding like a loose runner tube in the sump, or boot, or cyl end
gasket, or cracked runner tube inside the mount flange to cyl head that
opens when the cylinder gets longer.
Intake leaks are worse at idle for two reasons.
Delta P is much higher across leak at idle so leak will move more air.
Leak represents a larger portion of the total A/F mix at idle.
You might do checks when hot. Plug carb and exhaust, put #1 in valve overlap
and push in air with comp tester, use soapy water to find leak. I don't
recommend the carb cleaner trick. Prop damage to body parts and fire
potential aren't worth it.
But what hasn't been said is STOP FLYING THAT PLANE until you find the
problem and fix it. I know you wouldn't fly it if you suspected a problem
with the aileron controls, this is no different. If that sucker goes boom 14
seconds after takeoff you could be screwed.
Of all the reasons I don't like having to bury folks, flight testing a
broken airplane is on the top of the list.
As well, I'm fairly sure there's an FAA violation somewhere in that decision
making process. If not, I am certain they will be happy to make one up just
to accommodate the situtation.
Fuel flow could be the issue, but I don't know how that would change with
temperature. As long as pressure is good, and it works under one set of
conditions, it should still work under the other given equal pressures. But
it won't hurt to check flow, both warm and cold.
I doubt its ignition with two mags, and the fact that the plugs look OK and
it produces full power. The odds of them both failing in the same strange
way are fairly unlikely.
Also the fact that it produces full power OK means the engine and
compression are probably OK for now, but continued use under that kind of
leanness will do damage eventually.
Lastly, I don't want to say this one, but hopefully there are no metal
flakes in the oil. Main bearing failures do sometimes get odd when cold vs
hot, and at idle vs full power.
But again, this is very unlikely particularly with clean oil.
As usual, let us know what you find...

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