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control crossover

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:34 am    Post subject: control crossover Reply with quote


Hello Rich, Thanks for your quick and detailed response. You wrote:

1) "What is the requirement OC?"

I suppose that the contol stop requirement on an EAB (Experimental Amateur
Built) airplane is whatever the kit provider or the aircraft builder decides
it to
be. If we look to 14 CFR Part 23 for type certificated airplanes for
guidance here is what we find:

"23.675 Stops.

(a) Each control system must have stops that positively limit the range of
motion of each movable aerodynamic surface controlled by the system.

(b) Each stop must be located so that wear, slackness, or takeup adjustments
will not adversely affect the control characteristics of the airplane
because of a change in the range of surface travel.

(c) Each stop must be able to withstand any loads corresponding to the
design conditions for the control system."
2) "Now that I think about it, it seems to me that the control stops should
be put as close to the flight controls as possible since there is always
play in the system."
Sub paragraph (b) above certainly supports the idea of putting the stops
close to the actual control surface location.

3) "The crontrol stop was emitted off the new one and the C was modified
to act as the control stop by allowing the stick to hit the edge."

You can see in the attached photo number 0371 that I used the control stick
hitting the edge of an adjustable U clamped aluminum bar as an aileron
control stop -- one was required for each stick to provide for a stop in
both directions.

4) "Rudder, Uhhhhhhhh forgot."

It turned out that the rudder stops were the more difficult to come up with.
I can't remember what I had initially, but it turned out to be inadequate
since I managed to create a dent in my rudder surface by jamming the rudder
into the inner end of the elevator while trying to taxi the airplane with
the original inadequate Matco brakes.

The boat cable clamps** that I eventually came up with did not crimp the
rudder cables and the ty wrapped aluminum angles butting up against the seat
back have proved to be effective if a bit clunky in appearance.

I had modified my rudder control system to have an internal bellcrank
mounted in the aft fuselage bottom with a push rod going back to the rudder
itself. This eliminated the rudder cable coming out of the fuselage side on
its way back to the rudder horn. Unfortunately I did not think to
incorporate an adjustable rudder stop in my design of the internal

Thanks again for your continuing support of the KIS community -- it is much

'OC' Baker Says: "The best investment we can make is the time and effort to
gather and understand knowledge."

**PS: Rope clamp part number 1226


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