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L29-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 09/29/17

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:53 am    Post subject: L29-List Digest: 1 Msgs - 09/29/17 Reply with quote

Hi Stan,
The consensus agrees with you that the major problem will lie in the tail outlet. Zach McNeil says there is one guy who has made this swap and he's trying to find more info.
Finding an airworthy engine with AB is the other problem. There are two J-85 engines in crates where I work but their model and flight status is unknown. I don't think anyone has opened the crates since they were received.
Anyway, it was just a concept idea and may prove to be more involved than what I may want to do.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and input.

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1. 07:46 AM - Re: L29 w/ Afterburner (speedy11(at) (speedy11(at)

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Time: 07:46:59 AM PST US

From: speedy11(at) (speedy11(at)

Subject: Re: L29 w/ Afterburner


It might be a good upgrade for the jet. It would be a much more expensive engine.

Even installing a J-85 without AB would be a nice option. I am not an expert on

the subject, but I have knowledge of both jets so I'll offer an opinion.

The J-85 AB section needs room for the AB to open and close, so that may be an

issue at the engine bay trailing edge. I'm sure you can get measurements from

someone on the dimensions of the AB when in full AB. That would be the limfac

in this situation.

Also, mounting points will likely have to be manufactured. As I recall, the T-38

engine rolls into the fuselage on rails built into the fuselage and then is

secured in place. The T-38 is similar to the L-29 in that the tail section "boat"

is removed to access the engine.

I think such an installation would be very interesting. I hope you can do it.

Stan Sutterfield

Time: 07:33:43 AM PST US

From: Anthony Royal <skyking76t(at) (skyking76t(at)>

Subject: L29 w/ Afterburner

Has anyone heard of an L29 with a J85-GE-5 or -5A engine with afterburner i

nstalled?=C2- With 2400 lbs normal thrust and 3600-3850 lbs thrust with a

fterburner, it would seem to be a good fit. Engine dimensions look good to

go but was told the tail pipe might be an issue.=C2- Was told there is/wa

s one L29 with this conversion but gentleman didn't have any specifics.

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