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Install an "oil guard" on the nose gear strut

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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 2:39 pm    Post subject: Install an "oil guard" on the nose gear strut Reply with quote

I wrote about this problem of engine oil from the engine onto the nose gear friction pad in an early Glasair Newsletter.

My solution was to make a tiny aluminum stop plate that had the curvature of the nose gear strut tube on the top end. I expoxied that to the bottom of the strut, a few inches uphill from the nose gear. When oil drips down the tube, as it inevitably will, the oil hits the plate and drips "downwind" of the friction pad.

Time: 08:50:41 AM PST US

From: Charles Raymond <craymondw(at) (craymondw(at)>

Subject: Re: Glasair-List Digest: 0 Msgs - 05/24/19

After my GL2SFT=C2- my nose wheel wear pad crumbled I purchased a piece o

f hard 5/16th inch hard shoe leather for $6.00 and cut out=C2- a new one

on a band saw and used powerful gray marine epoxy to attach it to the backi

ng and used graphite as a lubricant.=C2- A short while later I learned Gl

astar nose wheel wear pads were the same one used on Glasair FT and costs $

43.00 and you have to say you own a Glastar in order for them to sell them

to you.=C2- Leather was used as clutch and bearing materials all the way

up to the late 1920's and=C2-I will provide up dates on how the leather h

olds up.=C2-I think the cause was oil and primer draining down the strut

and soaking the old wear pad. After replacing the pad I used a tie wrap to

direct oil and primer fuel away. My ex NASCAR mechanic IO 360 200HP rebuilt

(jeff(at) (jeff(at) using his custom designed exhaust system and Hartz

els' Blended foil prop, with the engine finally=C2-braking in and=C2- I

am showing consistent=C2-226 mph ground speed at six to eight thousand f

eet alt. As a side note, in order to clear the the nose wheel assembly I ha

d to use a 180 sump on my 200HP wide bank. I found when I filled the sump w

ith nine quarts of oil the oil level covered the cylinder oil drain inlets

and backed up the oil causing excessive oil consumption and found a six qua

rt max ended the high consumption. I used a removed oil sump and learned th

e sump itself holds five quarts and adding another quart brings the oil lev

el up to six would just clear the crankcase oil drain inlets.=C2- =C2-



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