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New Smartphone Apps for Pilots

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:36 am    Post subject: New Smartphone Apps for Pilots Reply with quote

Greetings fellow Aviators!

As a long time, intermittent contributor to the Avionics forum, I thought this might be of interest:

It has been quite a while since we started writing pilot apps for Apple smartphones and iPads.
Our family of apps for aviation has grown into 11 very handy and unique tools for people who fly
(or dream about it!). Here's a brief list of the Apps with links to the App Store for more information
and a sampling of screen shots to see the apps in action.

The latest App is Runway Finder. This app was suggested by a buddy, a retired Delta Captain who owns a Citabria.
He does a lot of cross country flying and complained that it was hard to find a grass strip to use away from home base.
This App maps out airports by runway surface and type (Turf, Paved, Gravel, Water, Glider, and Heliport).
Runway Finder has a built-in list of over 50,000 runways/airports world wide. It is available on the Apple App store at:
Plane Registry. A FREE app to lookup US-Registered aircraft from the live FAA database.
Local METARS. A very handy weather app for local conditions. Just open the App and it will display
the current METAR conditions at the closest reporting station. You get the option to look out up to
100 miles and sort by bearing from your location. No more scrolling and endless clicking to get the
Wx you need for local flying. This app works with world wide reporting stations.

We also have a stand-alone version of Local METARS for the Apple Watch

Civil Twilight Calculator. CTC is a self-contained sunrise/sunset calculator for use anywhere.
No calling home to the Naval Observatory! It doesn’t need internet access at all. Use it in
flight! It can tell you accurately when Civil Twilight occurs where you are, or at an airport
around the world, on any day ± 50 years. If you do have internet, you can give it a street
address and see the calculated times.

We also have a stand-alone version for Apple Watch:
Aviation Altimeter (aka avAltimeter). Not a GPS altimeter like most on the App Store, but a True
and Accurate barometric altimeter using the built-in sensors in iPhones after iPhone 6, or iPads
after the Mini-4. Has a Kollsman adjustment for ATC or METARs reports. Looks and feels just like
the steam gauge in your panel, but with Smart features: Density Altitude, Oxygen Warning timer,
and estimated aircraft Performance, auto-set at airport, etc.

The stand-alone version for the Apple Watch:
VOR Navigator. Truly unique! A fully functional VOR and HSI navigator (using GPS, not VHF). Includes
all current VOR and NDB transmitting stations plus a number of recently decommissioned ones. Also
includes DME and ADF modes. The App will also home to all Large and Medium (Commercial) airports.
Check out the “Add Lightning” mode for the ADF for a true vintage experience! This is a single hybrid
App, which works on both iOS devices and the Apple Watch, each independently from the other.
Crosswinds Live. Another very unique and handy App. Crosswinds Live contains the runway diagrams for
all registered airports world wide and will draw the current wind across the runways. The wind information
comes from the METAR station closest to the airport. Also computes the headwind & crosswind components
for flight planning.
Sun Compass. Compass broken? Lost on a hike? If you can see the Sun or the Moon, this app for Apple Watch
can help you out. The Watch does not have a compass built in, but, using the GPS and some fancy astronomy
calculations, this App will point to North, and show you your direction of travel. For Watch only (iOS has builtin
magnetic compass hardware)

Safe Flying!

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Ira N224XS
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