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Europa-List: Re: Mogas ethanol and non treated tanks

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:00 am    Post subject: Europa-List: Re: Mogas ethanol and non treated tanks Reply with quote

Wanted to jump in here with a tankissue that I have had to deal with on my build since flying it for a year. My kit was #A207. The original owner purchased it from Europa Aircraft in Oct. 2000. Due to a medical issue he had to sell it. Ipurchasedit around Nov. 2002. After many years of building, moving, traveling, and working, I did my first flight about a year and half ago.
During my 40 hour required test flying here in Las Vegas, and with the exclusive use of 100LL, I began to notice a slight drag on the aileron flight controls. I made note to check this at the 50 hour inspection. I normally kept the tank more than half full but never completely full unless I was going flying. My concern was that the fuel would expand in the tank and leak out the overflow and be a fire hazard.
During the 50 hour inspection, after the wings were removed, to my dismay I saw that the forward tank bulkhead had developed a bulge in the center of the tank in between the two support that mount to the rear of the seats. See picture 1,2,&3. It protruded enough to start rubbing, and even bending, the aileron cross bar. I do not know if the fluorination issue has anything to due with this. I felt that the combination of Las Vegas summer heat ( as high as 115’F or 48’C ) and the weight/pressure exerted by the fuel caused this problem.
My fix was to run a 2X4 wooden stud through the center (where the wing spars would normally go), set the plane out in the heat, and slowly over a week apply pressure with the 2X4 to slowly force the bulge back. It seemed to work fine but I felt I needed to do something to prevent a reoccurrence. So I built a pair of metal plates with bevels and predrilled holes that I could insert up against the tank, secure to the two seat back braces, and then rivet together to provide a permanent support for that area of the tank. See picture 4.
I recently flew to Oshkosh and back and don’t seem to be having any issues with it……for now. I am very cognizant of the possibilities for cracks and leaks, but I have not found any so far.
I wanted to post this so those have already built can check for this. And for those that are still building, might decide if their tank is susceptible and might want to add additional support.
Mike Duane
N377EA Europa Conventional Gear
Las Vegas, Nevada

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PS do we know which year the floride started?
William Daniell


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You can search on this list for "fuel tank fluoride" to learn about the problem.

Your kit should be new enough to have the treated tank.

Look at Custom Flight Creations website for tips on supporting the tank.

We run nothing but Mogas and no problems in 1000 hours.

Jim & Heather

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